Connie Britton’s multi-tasking beauty

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Connie Britton likes products that “cover a lot of bases”.

The Nashville star is a spokesperson for Pond’s skincare thanks to her amazing, dewy complexion.

As an actress and mom to adopted son Eyob, the 46-year-old needs products that take all the hard work out of her beauty routine.

“I would say one of my biggest beauty secrets is keeping it simple. I try to find products that will help me do that,” she confessed to ET Online, adding she favours Pond’s BB+ Cream and towelettes.

“They have multiple functions, which I love. If I’m using something that covers a lot of bases at one time that just helps me get on with my day.

“I figured out what my priorities are and what I want to spend a lot of time on and what I don’t want to spend a lot of time on. I think that’s what all working parents have to do.”

While speaking on the behind-scenes-video, Connie looked fresh-faced and gorgeous, wearing very little make-up.

The star revealed why a glowing complexion is so important for women.

“Skincare is important because it makes us feel better as women,” she said.

“When we take care of ourselves we feel good about ourselves – but it needs to fit in with our lifestyles.

“Whether it’s just finding a great mascara and throwing that on… if I do BB+ Cream and mascara, I’m pretty much good to go.”

The star added that at the moment she’s focusing solely on Nashville, which co-stars Hayden Panettiere and is gearing up for the second half of season two.

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