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  1. Hey Karina
    I also have a photo to send for the article. can you send me an email address to sent it. Thanks


  2. hey i am a women of 25 years old. i have a extreme hair falling problem as i have genitically thin hair. i am really looking for something natural excluding all those artificial procedures for growing hair. so i am really looking forward to get some help by you in your best manner. thankyou.

  3. karina, is this your webpage?
    I love it, the best website i have come across, so much information and its so simple to read.

  4. hi Karina.I ahd a look at the website, saw natalia on it the other day and also the beach reviews. Thought it was fantastic.

  5. I would like to know where in Sydney I could buy Manuka Doctor Repairing Skim Cream (Bee Venom) from New Zealanda.
    Thanks in anticipation

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