Cooper’s Perm Explained

'American Hustle' film set, New York, America - 17 May 2013. Authentic Permed Look

Bradley Cooper had to wear 110 curlers for his hair in American Hustle.

The 38-year-old actor plays wild FBI agent Richie DiMaso in David O. Russell’s upcoming drama film.

With the movie set in the ’70s, Bradley had to undergo an extensive hair transformation to give his character an authentic permed look.

“A lot of black baseball players at the time curled their hair. I think that’s [Richie's] inspiration [behind the look],” he told Access Hollywood. “It was three hours, every day and 110 of those pink curlers.”

The greatly-anticipated feature also stars Christian Bale whose con man character has a less bushy head than Richie. Christian enjoyed changing his appearance for the part and finds his alter ego’s balding look amusing.

In the movie Irving glues and hairsprays a hairpiece onto his head to give himself a fuller finish.

“He’s a con artist with this comb over,” Christian laughed about his character. “Who’s he conning with that comb over? Nobody believes he’s got a full head of hair! I just really gravitated towards the guy and became obsessed with that look.”

Bradley recently admitted he became so attached to his curly perm while shooting that he wishes it could’ve lasted for longer. He even avoided getting it wet in a bid to keep it in tact.

“I miss it, I loved it, I would try to not take a shower for as long as I could so I could keep it,” Bradley smiled.

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