Cosmetic Injections Truths

Cosmetic Injectables have become very popular in Sydney.  Although Botox is one of the most popular ones there are also other cosmetic treatments that are peformed through an injection that are also called Dermal Fillers.

Some dermal fillers are used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments such as injections of botulinum toxin (botox).

Is Botox the only Cosmetic Injection available?

Although Botox seems to be the most popular cosmetic injectable there are other options available for you.

To mention some you can also ask or find more information about Dysport, Restylane, Aquamid and Sculptra.


How have they become so popular?

Cosmetic injectables  have become so popular because they are known as the anti-wrinkle injections that offer a younger appearance to the user, they also enhance lips, they can enhance cheekbones and even noses without the need of a cosmetic surgery.

I believe they have become so popular because choosing a treatment like this one does not involve a cosmetic surgery and the price although is not cheap is still available for women with good incomes in Australia.

It is also easy to get them, they are called the lunch time treatment since you can get your injections at lunch time and come out looking younger.

How much can I expect to spend?

Prices depend on the treatment. I believe that the cheapest of the cosmetic injectables is Botox. In Sydney you can pay anything between $10 or $9.90  for botox injections. Dermal Fillers that last longer are more expensive. You can read my article of Botox Prices in Sydney.  I also have an article about dermal filler prices in Sydney ( a bit old but prices haven’t changed much.)

Injectables are indeed much cheaper than a cosmetic surgery procedure but the results are not permanent so in the long run I don’t know how much a woman can spend if they get really hooked into getting the eternal youth injections.

Cosmetic injectables are only temporary, with maximum results lasting around six to nine months so you can make your numbers if you are prepared to do it for the next 5 years.

What other things should I know?

I have read that it takes a few days for this treatment so you can look at your best.

Is it painful?

What some Cosmetic Clinics say is that cosmetic or filler injections are injected into the face using a very fine needle and only cause  ’a slight discomfort’.   Pain relief is available at many cosmetic clinics that offer the treatment.

For me it is funny to believe that children and adults are scared of injections and we (women) could be  happy to pay for getting injections in our face.  Vanity sometimes has a high price, isn’t it?

Do I really want to go through this?  How can I decide if Botox is the best option for me?

It is hard to decide,  it all depends on what you are looking for and what is actually what you want to achieve. Botox has become very popular in Australia because it is a quick procedure for facial rejuvenation that offers results almost straight away.

I am suspicious of how profitable these injections are since I have the feeling that they have been promoted highly (not directly of course because cosmetic clinics are not allowed to promote them)  and we believe that Injectables are ‘the option for facial rejuvenation’.

Some women are not really looking for treatments that would temporarily reduce wrinkles, instead some women just prefer a treatment that is less invasive that makes them look fresher (not necessarily younger).

The best way to decide is to ask your cosmetic surgeon for what is what you actually want to achieve with any particular treatment.  Ask questions and get the doctor to explain you what are other options. Don’t just make an appointment and say: “excuse me can I get Botox injections“. Be open to listen to other options that are available.

I have created a list of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments that you can find in Sydney.  Sometimes just a facial or a microdermabrasion treatment could help you to improve the condition of your skin and therefore look fresher.


Where to get them?

Mainly at cosmetic clinics, skin cancer clinics and at cosmetic surgeons rooms you can get these cosmetic treatments in Sydney. Although I have seen that even at hair salons you can also get these kind of rejuvenating injections.

I have some lists that might be handy for your of where to get:

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