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What my readers want to see today in this Cosmetic Surgery Blog?

Erin Heatherton Nose Job Has Erin HEatherton gone through cosmetic surgery?

Victoria Justice Nose Job
Has this young star gone through a rhinoplasty? In this picture we can see that she has got a funny nose. Is it the product of a plastic surgeon job?

Bella Thorne nose job Did Bella Thorne got a nose job?

Kelli Berglund Rhinoplasty?

Has this young star modified her nose. I believe it is still her natural nose.

Mariah Carey Boob Job We all know that Mariah’s breasts were big naturally but at a certain stage they got much bigger. Our breasts can also get bigger due to excess weight. Mariah Carey hasn’t got back the slimmer body that she had before pregnancy. Here she is with this huge breasts that probably were enlarged with implants.

Other rumours of cosmetic surgery:

  • scarlett johansson plastic surgery

Scarlett was very famous for the very big boobs that she once got but now we can observe that those breasts have been reduced. The actress has even developed stretch marks around her breasts maybe due to the changes in size.

  • tulisa fake boobs

Tuisa is one of those stars who is proud of her fake boobs.

  • candice swanepoel cellulite

There are rumours that Candice has got cellulite. The truth is that she has got a dimple in one buttock that I believe is more a scar than actual cellulite. The model has got a very firm and toned body that can hardly have cellulite dimples.

  • arielle kebbel plastic surgery

My readers believe that Arielle had to pay a surgeon to enhance her beauty.

  • cheryl cole before and after

Cheryl is one of those stars that has had an amazing makeover. She lost weight, had a cosmetic dental treatment that is very expensive plus some other cosmetic surgeries that had left the UK singer so pretty.

  • lauren goodger legs

Lauren Godger has had a weight loss journey and my readers want to see how she is looking after the big effort that she has put on losing weight.

  • alexa vega plastic surgery

Everybody is saying that Alexa Vega had cosmetic surgery. I can’t see signs of it but you can check out the images and decide.

  • kristen stewart skin problems

It is believed that Kristen Stewart has skin problems. I have observed 100s of pictures of the actress and for me she has always shown a pretty skin but there might be something if people are talking about this.

  • halle berry before and after

About cosmetic surgery it is believed that Halle Berry has had a boob job and nose job. What I have observed though is that the actress hasn’t had a tummy tuck. She has a flat and strong abs but we can see signs of stretchmarks on her stomac that are normal when a woman has had a baby. HB is a mother of one.

  • faith hill boobjob.
  • danielle spencer plastic surgery.
  • robin tuney boob job
  • blake lively before after.
  • miranda kerr plastic surgery.
  • jenna dewan plastic surgery before and after.
  • doutzen kroes before photoshop.
  • kate ashfield nose job
  • lea michele plastic surgery before and after.
  • ana del rey surgery
  • gretchen mol
  • emily blunt plastic surgery
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