Cosmetic Surgery Will Never Make You Look Like A Celebrity So Surgeons Have To Be Careful with their Promises!!!

new cosmetic surgery guidelines issued by the Royal College of Surgeons are becoming more strict for plastic surgeons.

Plastic Surgeons in the UK will have to be careful with the words they use:

The recommendation that surgeons should avoid words such as “nicer” or “better” when discussing procedures, and instead use “objective terms” such as “bigger” and “smaller”. Harder. Higher. says Eva Wiseman at the Guardian.

Professor Nichola Rumsey explained:

“Their expectation is that their life is going to be more like the celebrity in question, and unfortunately that’s never going to happen.”

“Doctors might say, ‘I can make your mouth more in proportion to your eyes or nose,’ but what they shouldn’t imply,” she says, “is that in their opinion [the patient] would look more beautiful.”

This becomes tricky for plastic surgeons in the business who use WORDS to persuade their clients (I mean patients).

I really like the point that EVa is bringing: “Firmer, fresher, younger!” advertises one cosmetic surgery website – many promise to “improve” you. A smaller thigh is a more attractive thigh. A bigger breast is a sexier breast. These are not facts. These are opinions. These are words. Who says that?

I would love to see these rules in place in Australia as well but this makes me think that apart of rules for plastic surgeons it is still very hard for us (women) to deal in life with our “imperfect” bodies and faces when we turn on the TV and we get to see Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s bib boobs on Australian Idol, we open a magazine and we see Nicole Kidman and Dannii Minogue’s ‘perfectly’ reshaped noses, and all the websites that we visit have pictures of celebs that had a baby a few days ago and they walk out from hospital with perfectly flat stomachs without a sign of pregnancy.

Even when the plastic surgeons are not allowed to say the words slimmer, shorter, bigger we are exposed to those feelings everyday.

What I like to do is to show women that we are all perfect the way we are and that even celebrities have flaws. Famous stars have acne, skin problems, cellulite, stretchmarks and extra kilos and they even have their journeys with feeling confident with the way they look.
JEnnifer Lawrence Second Dress Disaster

Plastic Surgery will never make you look like a celebrity…

I do believe that it is time to start admiring our natural beauty and accept that how we naturally are. Celebrities look amazing at the red carpet (PEnelope Cruz talks about this here) but their everyday looks are not as perfect as we get to see them when they cover glossy mags where they are full of photoshop. In fact famous women are far from perfect, to look the way they do at the red carpet they spend hours and hours getting ready and they have a full staff behind helping them with their looks and even so they also face disasters like Jennifer Lawrence in the image above where she had a second dress disaster in less than a week.

To finish this post I would like to leave you with a quote of Leigthon Meester, one of the stars of Gossip Girl who told Glamour MAgazine that “beauty is a lot from the inside out.”

“Beauty in itself is obviously completely subjective, but I think [it's] a lot from the inside out,”

“Not in the corny way of saying that you have to be a good, nice person to be beautiful, which I completely agree with. I just think it’s important to be healthy and active and it really reflects in the way you look.”Leighton Meester's nose is fake or natural?

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