Cosmetic Surgery for my Chin? Trends that the Stars Set

Celebrities set trends for beauty and that also includes setting up trends for face shapes.

The pretty stars show what is acceptable and pretty and what isn’t, we get to see the famous ladies with their faces transformed to achieve the ‘ideal’ look.

I put together of some natural pictures (without Photoshop) of some famous women that show how we are all different and in fact there is beauty in all different kinds of faces.

I have a round face and I don’t think I have to reshape my face to feel that I am pretty.

One of the super famous women that has set up an antecedent of facial cosmetic surgery to accomplish the desired heart face looking is Madonna.

It is very popular among the people that know well the topic about cosmetic surgery that Madonna has gone through several plastic surgeries to reshape her face.

Have a look to this pic.

Here you can see some other faces with different shapes.

Stacy Keibler’s Pretty Smile and chin shape

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