Cosmetic Surgery doesn’t make me happy: Katie Price

How much money can celebrities spend on cosmetic surgery?

It is reported that Katie Price has spent over £100,000 on cosmetic surgery but the famous model and entrepreneur is still not happy with how her face and body are.

The star is also popular for her sexy leg tattoo

The UK star has put all that money on reshaping her body and face and of course on getting these enormous boobs.

The Reality TV Star has got her own swimwear line and of course she takes advantage of the body and popularity to be the model of her own brand.

The gossip now is that the 35 year old TV star recently broke down and told random strangers how she now looks like a ‘market trader’.

The Daily Mail says that earlier this month, Katie was attending the 30th birthday of footballer Jermaine Defoe and is said to have had a meltdown in the toilets.

A source told Now magazine that Katie was standing in the toilets at Gilgamesh, London, and said: ‘Why’s everyone looking at me? I’m just a mum.’

As some of the women tried to console her and reassure her that she looked good, Katie announced that she was almost completely fake.
The magazine reported that she said: ‘I’m plastic. I’ve got a fake nose, fake teeth and fake tits – only my arse is real! I look like a market trader.’

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What I can observe is that it is hard for us women (in general) to accept ourselves but I cannot imagine how confronting it could be when you face the reality of being ‘so plastic’ and still not being able to be comfortable with who you are.

We see celebrities walking confidently but we don’t know what is behind.

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