Cosmetic Surgery Rumors of the Stars

For rumors images talk more than words!

Most celebrities don’t want to talk about their secret procedures but there is lots of evidence that suggest that they have indeed gone through the knife.

Truth or rumors? The beauty of the stars gives a lot to talk about. These are just some of the cosmetic surgery rumors of the most famous Hollywood stars.

Check the before and after pics and you decide if the gossip is true.

  1. Kristen Stewart (surgery chin)
  2. Holly Weber (breast implants)
  3. Blake Lively (chin implant)
  4. Sofia Vergara (breast implants)
  5. Abigail Breslin (nose job)
  6. Jessica Alba (nose job)
  7. Rima Fakih (Rhinoplasty)
  8. Blake Lively (boob job)
  9. Scarlett Johansson (breast reduction)
  10. Christina Hendricks (facial and breast plastic surgery)
  11. Christina Riccie (breast implants removed)
  12. Jenny Farley (Face cosmetic surgery)
  13. Elin Nordegren (breast implants)
  14. Jessica Pare (breast enlargement and reduction)
  15. Kristen Bell (Face plastic surgery)
  16. Abigail Breslin (facial cosmetic operation)
  17. Alice Braga (makeover)
  18. Megan Fox (makeover)
  19. Odette Yustman (nose surgery)
  20. Mila Kunis (rhinoplasty and breast augmentation)
  21. Vanessa Williams (plastic surgery)
  22. Ana Karina (Breast Boob Job)
  23. Maggie Grace
  24. Adriana Lima (nose surgery)
  25. Keep looking to more pictures of the stars before and after so you can come up with your own thoughts about false or true rumors.
  26. Maria Bartimoro (nasal cosmetic surgery)
  27. Jennifer Aniston (nose job)
  28. Daneel Harris (boob job)
  29. Kirsten Stewart (rhinoplasty)
  30. Katy Perry (implants)
  31. Emily Deschanel (breast operation)
  32. Carole Middleton (facial rejuvenation)
  33. Vanessa Paradis (eyelift)
  34. Denise Richards (breasts botched)
  35. Amber Heard (chest surgery)
  36. Denise Milani (silicone implants)
  37. Emma Stone (boob job)
  38. Kristin Cavallari (plastic surgery)
  39. Mia wasikowska (cosmetic surgery)
  40. Julie Benz (breast implants)
  41. Marylin Monroe (chin augmented)
  42. Sofia Vergara (breasts and nose)
  43. Lea Michelle (cosmetic surgeries)
  44. Cheryl Cole (total makeover)
  45. Katherine Heigl (body contouring)
  46. Vanessa Hudgens (tummy tuck)
  47. Jodie Marsh (implants went wrong)
  48. Melania Trump (cosmetic operation)
  49. Eva Mendes (plastic surgeries)
  50. Kim Kardashian (butt lift)
  51. Erin Andrews (breast lift)
  52. Melisa Rouch (silicone implants)
  53. Christina Aguilera (Breast Enlargement)
  54. Gemma Atkinson (breast implants)
  55. Anne Hathaway (cosmetic surgery)
  56. Nicole Murphy (tummy tuck)
  57. Ana Alexander (boo job)
  58. Ximena Navarrete (nose cosmetic surgery)
  59. Cate Blanchet (facelift)
  60. Mila Jovovich (nose plastic surgery)

In the picture Mia Wasikowska, there is a rumor that says that the actress has had plastic surgery but I don’t believe so. What do you think?

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