Cosmetic Surgery Rumour: Catt Sadler

What has Catt Sadler done to herself? I have been receiving a few rumours here at sydney4women saying that beautiful Catt has had a cosmetic procedure.

I did some reseach and I couldn’t find any news that could prove this rumour. I found some good info that She Knows has published about her beauty and diet secrets.

The star has confessed that she drinks mint tea for a bikini photoshooting.

…for a bikini photo shoot, I drink mint tea. We’re growing mint in the garden. It’s so good for you and it de-bloats you and it’s tasty.

Her exercise secret is the Tracy Anderson Method.

I have a dance background, so I have to incorporate music and dancing into whatever I do. When I started doing her method I felt like, alive again because it’s half cardio and half muscular-structure work, and it’s not a lot of weight. The videos have worked out great for me because I can do those before my kids are up for school, and I do it after they go to bed. So there’s really no excuse, you guys.

I couldn’t find many recent pictures of the star. I found this one at CelebrityBabyScoop and it is from March 2013. We can admire her pretty face with some flaws. I wonder if this is the new face of the star (after surgeries) that people are talking about.

Catt Sadler Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

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