Cosmetic Surgery Rumour Today: Debby Ryan

The teen star Debby Ryan looks like she has gone under the knife. Have a look to the picture above and I can’t tell exactly what it is but her face looks very plastic. I got emails today here at sydney4women asking me about Debby Ryan’s makeover and here are some pictures so we can compare her.

You know, celebs don’t like to share their stories about plastic surgery (unless they go wrong or they think their story will make them more famous) so we cannot say 100% what kind of plastic procedure they have gone through what we can do is observe before and after pictures and come up with our guesses.

Sorry Debby but you look very plastic now. Maybe it is only the excess make up that you had on your face at the Teen Awards later this year that is about to finish.

Is it a rhiniplasty? Do you think her nose looks different? Maybe she got some kind of facial implants? What is that Debby Ryan did to her beautiful and natural face that now looks all fake?


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Cosmetic Surgery Rumour Today: Debby Ryan — 1 Comment

  1. She didn’t have anything done….its the angle of the camera…. and her hair is different….different hair cuts make ur face look thinner.or fuller..also her nose is the same in both pics and ull have to understand she is growin into a beautiful young woman…make up and lighting can make u look plastic. Maybe she wanted to look older cuz ppl still saw her as a little girl so she felt the need to apply more coverage than normal. Don’t point fingers till u know the truth. Her face looks fuller because her hair is shappin it to accent it..if she put her bangs to the side she would have a thiner face. Ps how would u like it if someone said these things about u..does it matter.. if she had anything done no… u just wanna be the first to say I told u so….grow up

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