Cosmetic Surgery Rumours of the Stars | Before & After Pictures

Today we had the following cosmetic surgery rumours:

Let’s have a look to the before and after pictures of these celebrities that people believe have been through plastic surgery.

vanessa marcil plastic surgery before after.

Vanessa Marcil is appearing on TV and she looks as if she had cosmetic surgery. Maybe she got some dermal fillers to make her face look younger. In the picture on the right Vanessa Marcil attends In Touch Weekly’s 5th Annual 2012 Icons + Idols at Chateau Marmont on September 6, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Daily Confidential published the picture on the left shows Vanessa Marcil in Hawaii Five-0, Vanessa Marcil plays Dr. Olivia Victor, a psychoanalyst who could be involved in the death of a patient.

jillian harris nose job before and after

Has Jillian Harris gone through cosmetic surgery?

She certainly looks different and in this case I do believe the rumour is true.

jennifer carpenter plastic surgery before and after

Did Jennifer got a nose job? She is one of the stars in Hollywood that doesn’t have the perfectly shaped nose that most stars show.

Does Courtney Thorne-Smith have real boobs?

Is the question these are two pics that compare the size of her breasts.

Helen Flanagan Implants

Helen Flanagan has said that her breasts get natural enlargement when she eats. I think that the difference in size here is more about the push up bra than an actual enlargement.

Megan Gale Breast Enlargement

The gossip today is that Megan Gale got a breast enlargement. I put together 2 pictures of her beauty evolution and it doesn’t look like she had a facial cosmetic surgery.

Bérénice Marlohe before plastic surgery.

The rumour is that Berenice Marlohe has gone through plastic surgery. There are not many old pictures of the now super famous James bond Actress (Skyfall) but here is a comparison between the old berenice and the new one. Her boobs look a bit bigger now.

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