Before & After: Cosmetic Surgery or only rumours?

I have spent months and months trying to discover if all that beauty of the stars is plastic or real.

I have put a lot of pictures together that compare actresses, singers, models, tv presenters and famous women in general.

In general I can say that most of these stars have been transformed, many of those famous faces that you see in glossy magazines have gone through the knife others also go through non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Have a look to these picture gallery of before and after pictures for you to compare them.

Not sure if you look different or if it is just the angle of the picture
Beyonce Before and After | No Nose Job
Beyonce’s face and nose looks different in these images where we can see how she looked when she was much younger.

Pretty and plastic or pretty and natural
Scarlett Johansson | Before and After Fame & Plastic Surgeries
Scarlett Johansson’s face looks like it has had some modifications.

100% sure that Priyanka had a nose job?
Priyanka Chopra | Before and After Plastic Surgery
Priyanka Chopras’s nose looks different in these two before and after pictures.

About Breasts

Boob Enlargement?
Hayden Panettiere Before and After Boob Job
These before and after pictures were shown by many diaries that discussed the fact that Hayden’s breasts look smaller before.

From flat to busty
Elsa Pataky Before and After Breast Implants
Elsa Pataky’s breasts looked smaller before as we can see in these two pictures that compare the size of her bra.

Noses get reshaped

No way Anna can say she hasn’t gone through the knife
Ana de la Reguera: Before and After Nose Job
The Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera has definitely modified her nose. Have a look to the following pictures that show how her nose looked before having an operation.

Facial Transformation

What did you do to your younger face?
Eva Longoria Before and After Cosmetic Surgeries?

Totally different
Lindsay Price Before and After | Cosmetic Surgeries
Totally different from her younger days. These two before and after pictures show how the star looked different and flatter in her younger days.

Probably a lot of surgeries (the experts say)
Nicole Kidman Before and After Botox, Teeth Makeover and Denied Facial Cosmetic Surgeries
Nicole Kidman when she was younger VS a recent picture of the Australian actress shows how much the famous actress has changed.

From Pretty to Addicted to surgery
Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgeries
Megan Fox’s face is one of the faces with more transformations. From being a pretty young lady (as you can see in her before picture) the actress of Transformers became obsessed with cosmetic surgery aiming perfection (see her most recent picture)

Australian Stars

I want you to be a natural beauty
Megan Gale Before and After | Facial Makeover or Natural Beauty?
Another set of before and after pictures of an Australian Star. I wanted to believe that our national talent didn’t have cosmetic surgeries but these images suggest the opposite.

Slightly different
Sandra Bullock | Before & After | Cosmetic Surgeries?
Sandra Bullock’s nose looks different. These 2 pictures (before and after) indicate some discrepancies.

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