Costa wants Calvin Clutter Free

The Tenth Annual CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, New York, America - 11 Nov 2013. Calvin Klein Collection t "Free of Clutter".


Francisco Costa wants Calvin Klein Collection to be “free of clutter”.

The womenswear creative director is in charge of giving the clothing a clean-cut finish.

He hopes his straightforward pieces will appeal to women who seek plain ensembles rather than garish patterns.

“We want an environment that is free of clutter. You want your life to be easier, you want to dress in something that speaks of quietness and luxury at the same time,” he told

“There is a sense of destruction out there, you know, the excess. But also I think there is a sense of rehabilitation or intervention. Or perhaps reuse and recycling. My mode is not really one of the minimalist but probably more reductionist – I’m about the editing.”

He also didn’t want his designs to follow in the footsteps of Calvin Klein himself when taking over the role. Although Francisco’s first collection for the brand was deemed not ‘Calvin’ enough, the designer was adamant to create a new style.

“I wouldn’t have been so successful if I had tried to do Calvin like Calvin did Calvin,” he added. “Calvin is very methodical. There was a pragmatism. Very consistent. I am very consistent, but sometimes my creative side takes over.”

Even though there are millions of colourful pieces on the market, Francisco believes there is always room for his simple pieces. He has one particular shade he can’t get enough of.

“I’m not sure how accurate it is to say that people don’t buy black dresses. Black is my bestselling category,” he mused. “It is, for me, the best colour across the board. The Instagram thing, that movement is serious – and it’s fun. That is perhaps how I started this collection this season.”

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