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Premiere Of Focus Features' "That Akward Moment" - Arrivals. character Tobey Marshall. Imogen wanted her alter ego .


Imogen Poots thinks her headband in Need For Speed was a “wonderful” addition to her costume.

The British actress sports blue material over her hair for the role of high-end car dealer Julia in the action movie, which she stars in alongside Aaron Paul.

Julia is dragged into a high-speed revenge mission across the U.S. by Aaron’s character Tobey Marshall.

Imogen wanted her alter ego to adapt to the new situation through her appearance and saw the accessory as the perfect piece to express this.

“The headband was fully my idea. I wanted to basically break the mould of something where someone had to be kind of very put together and I wanted her to have something that showed that she was willing to change something about her appearance, even if that was a way of getting through to Tobey,” she explained to

“That she was on this journey with him and the headband for me is like a throwback to many films where you see, people just do it. They take a piece of fabric and it becomes a souvenir, something that’s on their person, something they’ve come across and I think it kind of elaborates something about character too and I think the headband is just something I really wanted her to own and I think it’s wonderful to create a costume in that sense.”

Imogen believes subtle details are what contribute most to the audience’s perception of the character, and that her headband symbolises who Julia had become once on the road.

“I think the trivial things in terms of what pants the character is wearing or what hair, it can be seen as trivial [but they] are actually very, very, very vital to holding on to what you can, especially in a studio film, in regard to character,” she added.

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