Courtney Cox likes more how she looks now

Courtney Cox wearing a red wine dress

Courteney Cox is horrified by all the “backcombing on the crown” that went on in Friends.

The actress famously had short dark hair in the series, which was layered much like the popular ‘Rachel’ haircut her co-star Jennifer Aniston made famous. Jennifer has admitted finding her old style ugly and Courteney is also embarrassed by her previous hair looks.

“I think I look better now than when I was in Friends. That show still cracks me up and represents such a great time in my life, but I never watch episodes and think, ‘Oh, look how young I looked,’” she told British magazine Marie Claire. “It was the ’90s so, if anything, I’m cringing at all the backcombing on the crown that went on!”

The 49-year-old actress doesn’t think about the way her body as changed as she knows there is nothing she can do about it. She thinks many other Hollywood stars would have more comfortable lives if they had her outlook.

“I wish more people would accept that ageing is inevitable and embrace it, as we have very little choice in the matter. I guess there are a few ways of slowing it down a bit, but really there’s only so much you can do,” she insisted. “It’s about feeling confident and learning to love yourself. I always say to look at your mom: Mine’s 79 and has always taken good care of herself, so she looks great.”

That said, Courteney does take steps to ensure she looks her best. She looks after her skin and hair and is careful about the kind of make-up she wears. The brunette star has realised she suits a less-is-more look, so usually just goes for mascara, blush and tinted moisturiser.

“I colour my hair every few weeks, purely to cover the grey. I don’t make it lighter or darker, it’s always a mild semi-permanent,” she explained.

“[One of my biggest tips is to] never wear dark lipstick with dark eyes. I did that once for an event and then scrunched my hair into curls but I ended up looking ridiculous – like some weird clown.”

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