Courtney Thorne-Smith: Cosmetic Surgery?

Has Courtney Thorne-Smith been through the knife?

Recent and old pictures of the Two and a Half Men Star show a very busty woman so unless she got implants in a very early stage of life this television actress has always been very busty.

If we compare images from her youth her nose doesn’t seem to have had any kind of modifications.

Wrinkles and ageing signs have started to become a problem for her beauty concept and she has found a solution that is working for her: Botox.

Courtney Thorne-Smith Plastic Surgery

Although Botox is considered as a cosmetic procedure Courtney has spoken about it and she thinks that with Botox she could avoid further plastic surgery.

These are some of the things that the popular woman has said about it.

This is what she has said about Botox according to the Daily Telegraph:

“It’s never been a secret in my personal life – I’ve just never been asked by the press,”

“I’ve used it, I like it, it works well for me. That’s just the simple truth.”

“I found I’ve been able to use it and have full expression and look really normal,” she says. “I found the frown line was distracting me – I was conscious of it. Now I’m not.”

“My hope is that if I take good care of my skin and use Botox, I won’t have to use anything else,” says Thorne-Smith, who then adds: “Never say never. I always want to look like myself – that’s key for me. I don’t want to look like a different person, I don’t want my face frozen.”

Courtney Thorne-Smith when she was younger

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