Crawford’s ‘rude’ Revlon shoot

Cindy Crawford was once kicked off a Revlon photoshoot for being “rude”.

Photographer Bruce Weber has recalled how the supermodel failed to impress him with her attitude. The incident took place more than a decade ago at a boxing gym in Los Angeles.

“It was on a Revlon shooting, and she was so rude to the whole team and the crew,” he told Huffington Post Live during an interview on Tuesday.

Bruce lost his cool when the now 47-year-old beauty started questioning his work method.

The photographer claims Cindy asked the shoot’s art director, “Why is Bruce photographing those old boxers when he would be photographing me? My make-up is ready.”

“[The art director] came and he told me, and I walked up to her and I said, ‘Did you say that?’ she said yes,” he explained.

Bruce told Cindy to “get out of here” and she remains the only model he has ever sent home from a job. She left the shoot in tears, but despite their heated exchange the pair went on to become friends.

Cindy ended her contract with Revlon in 2001.

Bruce, who has taken shots for Versace and Vogue, is famed for capturing models with a rosy glow.

He prefers to work with men and women who are “really healthy”.
Cindy Crawford poses in a natural shooting
“If somebody was really too thin for a shooting, I would just put a lot of clothes on her. And I would talk to her agency, and I would say: ‘I think you’ve got to watch this girl. She needs your help,’” Bruce said.

The photographer is a staunch believer in animal rights and is against using fur for fashion.

Donatella Versace once had to recreate her fur designs in faux materials so that Bruce would work on a campaign.

“I called her and I said, ‘I can’t shoot it for you. I have too many animals in my life, I’d be so hypocritical.’ And she made all the fur in it fake fur,” he smiled.

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