Curvy Butt or Skinny Butt? Taylor Swift VS J Lo

Women come in different sizes and shapes.

There is no one specific mold that makes us all the same.

There is no specific exercise that will give you the body of J Lo or Kim Kardashian. We are all different and beauty. Have a look to these two famous beauties that show their butt.

J Lo is curvy and probably 20 years older than Taylor.

Taylor doesn’t normally dress like this but today she became a Vamp and we got a chance to see her butt.

Do you prefer skinny or curvy?

Do you struggle trying to fit in a mold that is not yours?

This is one great tip: Don’t try to fit in a pattern that is not yours instead play with your strengths. Skinny butts and curvy butts are both nice and sexy so be proud of what you have and show it off!

A second great tip: Instead of trying to concentrate on looking like someone else, try to make the most of what you have. Why don’t you exercise to make that butt firmer and stronger.

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