Curvy First Lady: Michelle Obama Dared Amazing Body Shape

Michelle & Barrack Obama |  A couple with Amazing Body Shapes

Michelle and Barrack are a beautiful couple with an amazing body shape. This time is meant to be dedicated to Mr President but Michelle’s curves are so attractive to the eye that I couldn’t help it so I dedicated this post to show the amazing body of the First Lady of the United States of America who is an inspiration for all women in the world. For me Michelle is the kind of girl who walks the walk and talks the talk.

This body is not plastic, is pure healthy food and exercise.

Michelle has become a fashionable icon and the entire world is looking now at what she is wearing here you can see her cuves and abs closely.

Michelle Obama's flat abs and toned arms

Michelle has a very good taste and she doesn’t forget that she is the first lady, she looks well presented and even sexy but she doesn’t reveal more skin than the necessary nor she shows her curves in hugging dresses that would expose her butt shape. She might be very curvy at the back too but she leaves that for our imagination.

Michelle Obama Profile Derriere Pic

What is she wearing? Michael Kors black sequin boat-neck dress with her favourite Manolo Blahnik
kitten heels
Where? at the 57th Presidential Inauguration, held at the National Building Museum on Sunday in Washington D.C

Michael Kors has become one of Michelle’s favourite designers.

With this picture below we can check the attires of the 4 members of the Obama Family.

Obama Family Outfits for the ingaguration

Michelle and Barrack’s pretty daughters have been covered in the media for their matching coats. I thought they look cute and elegant and they preserve the look of a young girl of their age. Malia & Sasha Obama: Pretty Girls in pretty clothes

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