Curvy & Sexy Beyonce & Jennifer Sing in Black for Obama’s Inaguration

Jennifer Hudson's big accessories & Hairstyle at Obama's evetn

Jennifer Hudson was given the honour to sing for the Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. The 31-year-old who once won the American Idol Contest sang for Mr and Mrs Obama. The famous singer interpreted Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together for the couple’s first dance.

Jennifer Hudson Shows Curvy Body in Black dress

Jennifer looks amazing and unrecognisable. By looking at her we could not imagine that she was once a girl with excess weight. Just look at her and you can’t believe that once she weighted 80 pounds more. It is believed that she lost all those many kilos with the Weight Watchers Program.

Today we can see Jennifer with this tight dress that highlights her small waist and her feminine curves just in the right place.

Below Beyonce also picked black to sing the national anthem at a different event for the Presidential Inaguration. Beyonce is another beautiful woman who not long ago had a baby. We can get to observe in detail that her body looks amazing.

Beyonce shows a curvy & attractive body in black dress

I don’t think it is a coincidence that the singers were beautiful girls with dark skin.

Beyonce's Profile pic while singing for Mr Obama

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