Damaris Lewis’ Lips Tips


Damaris Lewis makes sure her perfect pout never becomes too dry.

The New York-born model knows how important her skin is to her career so  keeps it in tip-top condition.

Although chapped lips and skin can be a problem in the winter months, when you move from the centrally heated indoors to the cold weather outside, Damaris has the ideal remedy for avoiding the unsightly condition.

“I met someone from Australia and she recommended Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to me, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a nice little mixture to put under your eye if it’s cold outside and on your lips. You need something that’s not going to make them crackle, especially when it’s cold out,” Damaris revealed to Huffingtonpost.com.

The model has appeared in numerous editions of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as in campaigns for Clarins, Yves Saint Laurent and Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line.

Her busy modelling career means Damaris is a frequent flyer, but the stunning 23-yer-old doesn’t fall foul to stomach bloating whilst up in the air.

“When you get on a plane and bloat, water will be your best friend. A lot of people don’t like to get up on planes to go to the bathroom, but if you have to get off the plane to go to work, you have to stay hydrated.

“The elevation makes your feet swell and you’re going to bloat up, so to counteract that I drink a lot of water when I travel. And I keep it up in my daily life as well,” she explained.

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