Damian Lewis doesn’t want to be known for his tennis whites and pastel chinos

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Damian Lewis’ winklepicker woes
Damian Lewis wants people to know he didn’t walk around in “tennis whites and pastel chinos” while at school.
The 42-year-old actor was educated at the exclusive UK school Eton. He knows many think he is incredibly posh and has tried to dispel some of the myths about his fashion sense at least.
“I played sports but I wasn’t wearing tennis whites and pastel chinos. I went for drainpipes and winklepickers like everyone else,” he told British magazine InStyle.
“Well, this is an interesting thing. Since we’re talking about fashion, the winklepicker was a sleek gentleman’s boot with a pointed toe – not that dissimilar to what I’ve got now – that was popular in the ‘60s. They were big again in the ‘80s but longer and pointier than the original version – very new-wave rocker. I was extremely fond of my winklepickers. I’d wear them with tight drainpipes and a paisley shirt.”
Damian’s style choices haven’t always been so on-trend though. When he was younger he and his brother thought they looked great, but looking back he’s not so sure.
“I remember my brother and I wearing identical brown flared corduroys and fur-collared lumberjack jackets. We were like eight and six years old and they were all the rage. They had a bomber-jacket shape. Oh and we had those pudding-bowl haircuts,” he laughed.
These days Damian has his own look and doesn’t try to keep up with trends so much. He has a few go-to labels which he knows suit him and prefers a relaxed aesthetic.
“Well, sometimes I just like to look like a guy. And my guy look is kind of an American one. It’s a pair of nice, comfortable jeans – probably Lucky Brand – a T-shirt by Rag & Bone and desert boots,” he said. “I quite like caps, too. If I were going for a more urban vibe, I’d wear darker, tighter jeans and some boots with a few buckles and things on them – maybe something by All Saints.”

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