Dangerous Microneedle Dermaroller Beauty Treatment

The Microneedle Therapy System has been hailed by many in the beauty industry as a short cut to younger-looking skin – so it is little surprise that it has taken image-conscious Hong Kong by storm.
But the city’s Consumer Council today issued a warning about the treatment following a series of serious complaints.

The procedure, which is not for the faint-hearted, involves the face being covered with topical anaesthetic before it is massaged a needle-studded roller – a process believed to improve collagen-production.

Though many have raved about impressive results, the organisation said that it had received 43 reports of bad reactions to the microneedle, such as deteriorating skin condition.

It said that there was no scientific basis to the treatment, and warned that the device was potentially lethal.

The Consumer Council added that beauty salons’ efforts to sterilise the Microneedle rollers between clients were often inadequate, posing risks such as HIV and hepatitis.

Celebrity fans: Actress Angelina Jolie is believed to be a fan of Microneedle roller treatments

Publicity and community relations officer Philip Leung Kwong-hon told the South China Morning Post: ‘It is unwise to risk your life for a prettier appearance.’

But beauty salons offering the treatment say that the warning is unlikely to affect demand, which continues to be strong.

Samantha Ku Ka-yin, of Hong Kong’s Miss Beauty spa, told the city’s The Standard newspaper: ‘If people want to improve the appearance of their skin they will not care about [the warning].’
She added that at her spa, a new roller was used for every client.

Needle DermalrollerThe Microneedle Therapy System, which is sometimes known as a Dermaroller, soared in popularity after it featured on the Rachel Ray show earlier this year.

Its makers claim that the tiny wounds created by the roller stimulate collagen production and enhance the natural blood supply, leaving the face with a healthy glow and more youthful complexion.

Celebrity fans are believed to include Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Source: DailyMail

Some cosmetic surgeons might not be very happy with what I have to say but my opinion is that in most cosmetic treatments if not in all of them there are risks, even if the risk is small women (and men) undergoing cosmetic procedures should understand that so they can make informed decisions. It is a big news because big personalities have used this treatment but what can we say of those stars that decide to go under cosmetic surgery knowing that it is a procedure that can be dangerous too!

Be careful with the treatments you choose. Accept yourself and remember you don’t have to be perfect!

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