Dark Circles Around the Eyes’s Stars: Kim Kardashian’s Skin Looks Tired Too

This is how we normally see Kim Kardashian. The reality TV Star gets all the opportunities that she has to show her beauty. It is not that I am jealous of her beauty but I don’t think Kim is particularly beautiful. I do think that she knows how to highlight her assets and she also knows that people and the media do a big deal of things such as her big breasts, pretty legs and wide hips.

This is one of the outfits that Kim would wear to show the world her beauty so we all keep looking at her.

Kim was wearing this sexy dress in London while on tour promoting her new Klothing Line.

The young and curvy star is back in Miami and I just loved this picture that show how even the rich and the famous get dark circles around their eyes when they are tired. Even her skin is not as pretty as she normally would appear on photographs. Of course the jet-lag has effects on anybody.

I don’t think Kim looks ugly without make up, I think she looks human and pretty anyway. We are all pretty even without make up, we just have to learn to admire our own beauty. Maybe we can start by looking at the pretty side of women when they don’t have a red carpet look.

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