Deepwork: The Work Out that focuses on Relaxation

Yoga is so yesterday – from now it’s all about Deepwork if you want to relax while still toning up. With this work out, you move from tensing to relaxing at a fast pace, which means you work your muscles hard and really get perspiration going. Regular breathing exercises mean you’ll feel rested after it’s all over.

Yin and yang

Deepwork claims it’s the first work out from the Far East that focuses as much on relaxation as it does on getting your heart rate going – a balancing act of yin and yang. Thanks to the constant change between cardio and relaxation exercises, the mind and body are brought together in harmony. This way you’ll burn calories while also letting go of any worries or stress. Do some real Deepwork and you’ll be able to enjoy that sweet treat with a clear conscience. If you do this work out regularly, you’ll really notice your muscles getting stronger

How do I do Deepwork?

You’ll normally work out as a group in a session that lasts around an hour. Whether you use a yoga mat is up to you, but it’s important you go barefoot. This will make you stronger on your feet, which helps with many of the exercises. It’s all about using your body, so you won’t need any kind of props for Deepwork. Depending on the exercises you’re doing, the music will switch accordingly from more relaxing tunes to motivating tracks. You’ll also do some work on your breathing by practising different ways to tense and relax your body. Towards the end, cardio will come into play. You’ll find yourself doing things like sprints on the spot, jumps and press-ups. This will help to get your metabolism going in order to burn fat. A cool-down is the final phase, which aims to chill out both your mind and body.

Mind and Body in Harmony with Deepwork

Who does it work for?

Deepwork might be relatively intense, but it works just as well for gym bunnies as it does for an exercise novice. Everyone decides which pace they’d like to go at and how much they want to push themselves. Males and females of any age can enjoy this work out, but it’s important to be realistic as to how you can do. For anyone with joint problems, Deepwork could prove challenging. It’s best to have a word with your fitness instructor should you be worried. Google around for classes near you or check YouTube for at-home exercises.

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