Demi Lovato shows pretty face with flaws

Demi Lovato shows face with flaws and no make up

Demi Lovato shows face with flaws and no make up and encourages women to do the same.

The famous and your actress is empowering women to find their natural beauty and she does so in her twitter posts that have covered the news of the main dairies.

‘Ladies, be brave today.. take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!’

I believe she looks indeed gorgeous with this make up free face.

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Demi Lovato shows pretty face with flaws — 1 Comment

  1. Uhh, I think the use of the word “flaws” here is problematic. This young woman is beautiful, and if she has freckles or some part of her skin is a slightly different color than another part, that’s not a “flaw,” that’s having human skin. Only in the Beauty Myth or magazine aisle would her face be considered as having flaws. Most women are far more beautiful than they have been led to believe they are, and most images they seen have been scrubbed and photoshopped of all the humanity to create a false image of beauty, the better for the beauty and celebrity industry to sell them products to cover and fix things that are not really a problem.

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