Dental Makeovers Celebrities Use

Smiles have become such an important thing for popular celebrities that now more and more people that are not famous are paying attention to their smiles.

A smile can change your face completely. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman if you really want your face to look better it is worth considering to check how your teeth look.

There are many options available now for people who want to have a dental makeover.

From braces with and orthodontist to veneers, implants, crowns or simply a teeth whitening treatment could help you to feel better about yourself.

Have a look to the pictures of the following stars and observe how their smiles have changed their overall appearance.

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Dental Veneers is the secret of many celebrities to transform their smiles.

Catherine Z Jones Before and After Dental Makeover

Nicolas Cage

David Beckhmam

Cheryl Cole

Celine Dion Before and After

Hilary Duff

Victoria Beckham Before and After

Zac Efron

The most popular cosmetic treatments among celebrities are:

1. Smile Rejuvenation

2. Porcelaine Veneers and Crowns

3. Lumineers

4. Composite Veneers

5. Snap on Smile Resin

6. Braces

7. Implant Dentistry

8. Teeth Whitening

9. Dental Implants

10. Invisialign

11. Orthopeadics and orthodontics

12. Tooth Coloured Fillings

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