How to Not Destroy Yourself!

Putting more stress in our lives is equivalent to destroying ourselves.

Suffering from perfectionism just creates mess in our lives.

We are very stressed with the achieving that we do not enjoy nor achieve.

We create stress

As I explained before it is not about not caring but there are things we can do to reduce stress.

There is this example of the mum who runs from the swimming lesson to the gymnastics lesson both on the same day just after school without being fed and when there is a lot of traffic. It is very likely that she will end up very stressed with a situation that she created.

Have fun while achieving

There is also other circumstances in which we create more stress just by the meaning that we give to particular situations that define how stressed we might feel. We tend to give more symbols to things than what they really have.

Scarett JohanssonLet’s say we have a job interview and we are not the selected candidate, what really happened is that they hire the friend of the boss, not because he is better than you but because the boss wants to have a person that he knows in that position. You don’t know about this and you start giving a meaning to that letter that you received saying that you were not selected so you start thinking:

= I am not good enough
= No one will hire me ever
= I did a terrible interview

So you are creating a situation that is causing you a lot of stress that is not necessary. Instead you can take those interviews as a learning experience where of course the desired outcome is to get the job but it might be that it is you who decides not to accept that job.

You have to learn how to give a different meaning to things in life so you can start feeling happy with yourself and achieving what you want.

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