Diaz Always in Heels

TAG Heuer New York City Flagship Store Opening. Cameron Loves Shoes.

Cameron Diaz “lives in heels”.

The 41-year-old actress has been speaking candidly about her love of shoes since she joined forces with PLV Studio.

After becoming artistic director last year, she is now busy working on their Fall 14 Pour La Victoire footwear line.

“I live in heels. For a lot of my films, I work 12-hour days and I’m standing in heels the whole day. I always wear my character shoes when I’m on set. Even if I’m off-camera with an actor, I’m always in my shoes,” she confessed to Footwear News.

“I never put on a different pair of shoes. I don’t want the actor to be looking at me and be like, she’s wearing Uggs. It’s also important to maintain the same eye line for when we shoot.”

Having already admitted to buying her first pair of shoes for 50 cents, Cameron’s footwear choice now days generally depends on what city she’s residing in.

The difference between New York and LA is huge says the Bad Teacher actress, and this is her main consideration when deciding on shoes.

“When I’m in New York, I pretty much wear flats. If I get a great pair of heels that I can walk in the city in, I find myself in those heels all the time. Otherwise, if I’m in the city I wear more of a utilitarian boot.

“But in Los Angeles, because you’re in your car all the time, I find myself wearing heels a lot. And I really love a good heeled boot because I move quickly on my feet and I want something that’s going to stay on,” she explained.

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