Diaz’ Mysterious Wardrobe

'Annie' on set filming, New York, America - 15 Nov 2013.Cameron Wore Pieces in Malkina's Collection.

Cameron Diaz wanted her The Counselor costumes to have “a certain mystique”.

The actress plays ‘malicious’ sociopath Malkina in director Ridley Scott’s latest film.

Along with costumes created by label Armani for the movie, Thomas Wylde designer Paula Thomas was also on hand to dress Cameron. With around 15 pieces in Malkina’s collection, Paula has opened up about some of the best outfits.

“I have two pieces that I love. The red mini dress in the yellow Ferrari scene is perfect for her many ways. Firstly, the print itself is leopard, with bullet holes shot through it, which makes it kind of ironic,” she told elleuk.com.

“I also love the craziness of the yellow car against the red – plus the fact she is doing something in this scene that leaves your mouth agape. The second piece I love is the very body conscious black dress with one sleeve, because she just looks incredible in the piece.

“I also love the last piece she wears [in the film]; this dress originally did not have the hoodie but Cameron felt she needed to be hiding herself and have a certain mystique.”

When designing the wardrobe Paula noticed Malkina’s personality fitted in perfectly with Thomas Wylde’s identity. Paula enjoyed the challenge of styling Cameron and working in a new environment.

“I think there are elements of Thomas Wylde in Makina’s character but she is, of course, a character, so the clothes were reflected differently than me styling them for a runway or presenting the collection in its entirety,” she added. “I believe the idea of Malkina wanting to stand out and be bold with an edge is a part of the brand’s aesthetic.”

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