Dickinson Jazzed by Stem Cells

Equality Now Presents "Make Equality Reality" - Red Carpet.Janice looks spectacular wearing a purple dress.

Janice Dickinson felt “jazzed to new levels” after having stem cell treatment.The 58-year-old supermodel was injured in July when a steel bar hit her on the head in a parking lot after she had been shopping. She was taken to hospital in Los Angeles and found to have extensive injuries, eventually employing the help of a doctor she is friends with in China to help her using stem cells.

“I was back to my normal self instantaneously! I woke up feeing just energised, jazzed to new levels,” she told Us Weekly.

In hospital it was found that Janice had suffered injuries to her knee, back, shoulder blades and neck. She says the accident left her life “miserable” as she was in so much pain.

After consulting with Dr. Brian Mehling of Blue Horizon Stem Cells it was decided she was a candidate for an operation which is regularly used in China. The procedure sees stem cells injected into the problem areas to hopefully offer some relief.

“In Janice’s case they injected some stem cells to the spinal fluids so that it could get into the central nervous system and the other half of the cells were injected through an IV in her hand and that would treat the peripheral problem,” Brian explained.

Janice underwent the operation in September and will have to have it again at some point. At the moment she still can’t wear high heels, but is thrilled with how much it’s impacted her life and has even started using a serum from the company, which she believes is doing great things for her skin.

“This is absolutely the greatest tonic fountain of youth that I’ve ever found in my life,” she claims of Blue Horizon Special Skin Serum, which doesn’t contain stem cells.

“I had all these scars from a gardening accident and all those little scars on my arms and forearms just disappeared! It’s spooky!”

Janice had been visiting pharmacy chain Rite Aid when the accident occurred and is now suing for medical expenses, loss of wages and unspecified damages.

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