Diet Supplements Kim Kardashian is Using to Lose Weight

Everybody seems to be interested in the exercises that celebrities do, their diets and now there is new trend on consuming Diet Supplements.

Kim Kardashian told Life & Style that she’s determined to get back into shape after letting herself go since dating Kanye West.

The curvy star said that she is serious about slimming down since gaining a reported 15-20 pounds during her new relationship.

‘I’m hoping to slim down a little bit, and I’m not afraid to say it,’ she tells the magazine in their latest issue.

‘I think everyone goes up and down in whatever that comfortable love relationship phase is where you like to eat out, but now it’s time to get it together again.’
Friends of the reality star tell the magazine that Kim has gained several pounds since the duo started dating earlier this year.
‘She’s gained 15 to 20 pounds. All Kim and Kanye ever do is go out to eat,’ a friend tells the magazine.
‘She feels so comfortable around him — he loves her curves — she hasn’t been vigilant about dieting.’

What about the Diet Supplement?

Kim says that she has also started taking QuickTrim again – the diet supplement for which she and her sisters are the face of.

‘I’ve started [diet supplement] QuickTrim again,’ she says. ‘When I start that, it’s full focus.’

I wonder when I get to see news like this if the interview with the magazine is not all about being paid to mention a particular product that in this case is the Diet Supplement.

Let’s not forget that for diet supplements to give results (if they do) we have to exercise and watch out our diet.

Kim is putting the effort and she was seen exercising with her sister Kourtney and Larsa Pippen.

We all have our journeys with weight loss, famous and non-famous women gain and lose weight. It depends on so many different factors but it all comes to what we eat and how much we move. I like showing pictures of super famous celebrities that could show us that it is not only us who struggle to keep in shape.

The good thing if we are not famous is that the cameras are not on us everyday inspecting every inch of our bodies.

This is a picture that has been shown around the world to say that Kim is fat.

Kim Kardashian also has to exercise even if she is taking that Diet Supplement if she wants to lose weight.

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