Can you see the differences in Body Shapes of these Famous Ladies in Bikini?

Jill Martin in tiny bikini shows curvy body

We women get obsessed with our body shapes, we would like to be slimmer, taller, curvier, have bigger breasts, smaller waists, larger hips, smaller hips, smaller breasts. There is something that we don’t like from our bodies.

We create mental standards of ‘perfect bodies’ that we would like to have. Many of these images come from images that we have seen in glossy magazines from famous women. The truth is that the majority of those images have been retouched and they show bodies of women that don’t exist.

Women come in different body shapes. Experts say that women have ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

All this fancy words just say that some women are more naturally skinny, muscular or round.

I observed the pictures below and I got to observe that although all of these ladies have amazing bodies, they all have natural differences. Some of them tend to be skinnier, others are more muscular and others are curvier (or rounder). Let’s check what type of body shapes these stars have.

Ireland Baldwin | Skinny body and long legs

Ireland Baldwin is a skinny lady. I would say she is an ectomorph.

JENNIFER METCALFE in bikini shows wide hips and tiny waist

Jennifer Metalcafe is very curvy. Is she an endomorph?

Amy Markham with big hips and large breasts

Amy Markham has prominent curves. Is she and endomorph?

HAYDEN PANETTIERE: Rectangular Body Shape (minimal waist)

Is beautiful Hayden Panettiere a mesomorph? We can see that her body doesn’t have a prominent waist. This body type is also considered a rectangular body type.

We just have to consider that many of these celebrities have gone through plastic surgeries so they tend to overemphasize curves (especially their upper curves) to look curvier.

Jessica Alba shows her body type in StBarths

Jessica Alba is not very curvy, she is quite slim and those big boobs might be the result of breast implants. What kind of body shape does she have? She has a very nice body (especially if we consider that she is a mother of two). Rumours say though that she has got plastic surgeries.

Dannii Minogue shows bikini body

Dannii Minogue also shows her bikini body, she is tall and slim. The Australian Star has gone through plastic surgery so these boobs are implants. We can’t spot a single stretchmark from pregnancy so maybe she had a tummy tuck too. The TV star looks well after her body since she has always managed to stay slim. Is she the slim body type?

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