Distinguish Yourself from the Others with Your Accessories

Based on the say that if you want to learn to do something better you can just copy what others that are succeeding in what you want to achieve are doing.

So… if what you want to achieve is to distinguish yourself from the others copy what famous people who have managed to distinguish themselves from the crowds have done.

Even among celebrities, there are many famous names that have not managed to create their own identity.

I can mention a few names of stars and when you think about them you don’t think of them in a particular way.

I am sure however that if I say Madonna, Lady Gaga or Elizabeth Taylor you will think of them as an icon.

I have been observing many photos of celebrities as you can see in the content of my Blog and I have seen that Madonna always wears crosses as accessories. I don’t know if that is because she is a Christian but what I do believe is that she has chosen crosses as an object of identity.

That is the secret: She has chosen!

Nobody has imposed her to do it and by doing so she stands out. The singer has many other attributes but this is a simple thing we can copy from her.

So pick a symbol, something you identify with make it yours. People will remember when they see that particular stone or shape about you.

Madonna and her crosses

Dare to distinguish from the others, it doesn’t matter if it is fashionable or not, what matters is that you are happy with yourself!

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