“I don’t have surgery, I don’t starve myself.” says Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook natural picture gragging a coffee

Kelly Brook believes that cosmetic surgery doesn’t send the right message to the world. The 33 sexy model affirms that she hasn’t gone through plastic surgical procedures to modify her body. The English actress, model and entrepreneur shared with now magazine how she feels about her body.

Of course the English model knows that her voluptuous body image gets her lots of attention and she seems to be happy and comfortable with her curves.

“I’ve always been a curvy girl and have a body of comedic proportions. I’ve got huge boobs and I’ve got a huge bum. I’ve always had that body. Even when I was a teenager, I was curvier than everyone else. That’s just the way I’ve been built. There’s nothing I can do about it and there’s nothing I want to do about it – it’s just me.

There aren’t many great role models out there for women – a lot of girls get too skinny and have a lot of surgery. I don’t think that sends out the right message. I don’t have surgery, I don’t starve myself. I don’t have silly gym sessions every day. I just try to stay healthy and be true to myself. That’s the best way.”

It is rare to listen to famous women talking about the messages that plastic surgery send to the world.

I do believe that Kelly has got a natural curvy body but I do think that she still looks after her weight in a way that she is still happy with her body shape. There is nothing wrong with looking after yourself to look pretty and sexy and watch the extra kilos.

In sydney4women.com.au we have a lot of picturesof Kelly Brook that I share with you. You can click on each of them to enlarge them. You can even see some bikini images and some before and after pictures.

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