What to eat to have a pretty skin

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We all know that food is fuel for the body but were you aware that a nutrient-rich diet is key to a flawless face?

In fact, according to top skin doctors, what you eat is often more important than what you put on your face.

So maybe it’s time to think about a skin-saving diet revamp.

We caught up with celebrity facialist and nutrition expert Tina Richards to find out her tips for complexion perfection.

“Like much of your body your skin is essentially made up of proteins, fats and water and you have to constantly re-fuel on these throughout the day via your diet,” says Tina.
Things that you can eat to have a pretty skin

“If you don’t nourish your body sufficiently with high quality proteins and good quality fats your skin will suffer, become drier, duller and more prone to blemishes and premature ageing.

She adds: “Remember that skin is the largest organ of the body and tends to be the last to receive most nutrients so low nutrient intakes will typically affect the skin first.”

The other huge dietary factor that affects our skin is inflammation. Tina is an advocate of anti-inflammatory foods such as fish oils, fruit and vegetables.

“The fats and proteins of our skin cells are constantly under attack from damaging free radicals from outside and within causing low grade inflammation that you won’t be aware of,” explains Tina.

“Inflammation in your skin leads to breakouts, redness, puffiness, sagging and lines and wrinkles.

“Eating sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice and cakes and biscuits causes low grade inflammation in your skin that sets off cascades of damaging free radicals that cause more inflammation,” she adds.

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