Eileen Fisher Crushed in Stores

Vagina Monologues Closing Night Party. Eileen Frustrated While Shopping.


Eileen Fisher used to feel “sick” in department stores.

The designer has her own label, which specialises in classic, simple pieces.

While she might love creating fashion, the style star

“I would literally feel sick when I went to department stores. I would be overwhelmed,” she admitted to British newspaper The Telegraph. “I would look at things on a hanger, then try them on in the dressing room, and I wouldn’t like the way they looked. I couldn’t decide what to buy. I wanted to look good, but I just got really frustrated.”

The 63-year-old started off by designing very simple pieces, saying she was influenced by the Japanese kimono at the beginning of her career.

But Eileen soon realised that it was time to shake up her label.

She started to add in some more daring designs and hasn’t looked back since.

“We did some research and found that the younger customer liked things in our store but had trouble finding them because they were mixed in with everything else. We started to do heels, short skirts, biker jackets – working the edge a bit more,” she explained.

“I never used to wear short skirts but when I found out I could wear them with dark stockings – you need young people to tell you that. [I started wearing heels.] I had stopped wearing them in my twenties but when we started doing heels with a little platform so they’re not super high, I thought they were so cool.”

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