Elle Magazine shows a slimmer Kate Upton

I believe the reason why Kate Upton looks slimmer is Photoshop. It is not that she has excess weight but she certainly doesn’t have the skinny body type.

The curvy model covers Elle Magazine September 2013 US, the star wears a beautiful red dress and lots of bling (loved the accessories!). Looking gorgeous her curvy assets were covered this time for the popular magazine. Maybe because the mag is for women and experts say that women prefer slimmer bodies in magazines the personal stylist of Kate Upton decided on a dress that covers (hides) her impressive curves.

Her curves are so impressive that search engines have suggested me to remove pictures of her wearing bikinis because such images could be classified as adult content. Interesting, isn’t it?

I guess for the supermodel it was nice to be actually dressed for a photo-shooting.

Kate Upton covers Elle Magazine wearing a red dress

The strapless dress covers Kate’s big assets, her wide hips were emphasized, this is probably an ideal dress for women with the type of body that Kate has who are not interested in showing it all at once.

A good trick that you can use if you are as busty as Kate when posing for a picture is to cover one breast with your arm with a similar pose to the one you can see in the image.

What seems to be interesting of this issue is that the magazine is a thick one, it includes a total of 658 pages and according to the NYPost this is what it includes:

Kate Upton on the cover — she’s still on a hot streak even after Vogue did it. Fresh off her modeling debut in The Post, Ireland Baldwin is cast as a modern-day scion in beautiful ’90s-inspired coats, while fellow budding star Amber Heard mixes spiky boots and pajamas. Joe Zee nails it with his A-to-Z roundup of designers’ motley references — zebras! Wednesday Addams! SweeTarts! — and the shopping pages are so clean they make every trend, even colorful furry handbags, seem doable. The candy-coated Shangri-LA spread is lovely and might have been styled by Lana Del Rey.

I wonder if the fact that Kate is in the cover has a positive body image for women. What do you think?

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