Embarrassing Bodies: Problems from Real People

I was watching the other night ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ on TV.

The show was about different health and beauty problems that real people suffer from.

I went to their website and found that they have a list of common problems (or conditions) that lots of persons have but many of them believe they are the only ones with an ‘embarrassing body’ like the ones below:

Skin pigmentation in young women

Eczema in women

The truth is that more people than you imagine have a condition like the ones above.

Lots of people (including men and women) suffer from skin problems. Some of them are not as bad but they become an issue to the suffers if we consider that they affect their image and the concept of beauty.

It is great that there are treatments out there to help people who do not feel happy with themselves because they believe they have an embarrassing body.

The images above belong to Embarrassing Bodies

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