Emma Roberts’ Christmas Lips

Emma Roberts advises wearing a “wine lip” during the festive season.

The actress loves Christmas time because all the parties mean she can really experiment with her beauty look. This year she is focusing on her mouth and will be rocking a series of bold reds on her pout.

“For the holidays, I really want to try out a really strong lip. Lots of mascara, with a clean lid, then one of the Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks. Rich Raisin is this great wine colour and it’s really cute for the holidays,” she told BeautyHigh.com. “The lip is something that lasts through the night, and you won’t have to keep reapplying eyeliner at one o’clock if you’re wearing lipstick instead.”

As far as cosmetics tips go, Emma has a few. She wholeheartedly subscribes to the notion that women should play up their lips or eyes, never both. The 22-year-old star is also careful to look after her skin, no matter how late she gets in at night.

“The best tip I know is to take off make-up after work. I work 12-15 hour days on set and it can definitely get wearing, so I use [wipes] and take off my make-up right when I get home and get into bed. As much as I’m exhausted, even if I get home at 2 am, I still drag myself out of bed to clean my face,” she explained.

While she always puts skincare first, there are other aspects of her beauty routine Emma isn’t so dedicated to. That is why she is planning some health and fitness related New Year’s resolutions for when 2014 rolls around.

“I started my resolution to really start working out more, I’m doing more yoga for my mind, and having a more positive attitude into my life. Working on [TV show] American Horror Story has been hectic,” she explained.

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