Emma Thompson: I was a punk

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 18 Jan 2014

Emma Thompson used to have safety pins “in her face”.

The 54-year-old actress seems relatively conservative with her outfit      choices on the red carpet, favouring longer dresses and pretty shirts.

However, she used to the push the envelope far more when it came to      style.”I’m most definitely not conservative,” she laughed to      German magazine Meins.”In the ’80s I was a proper punk-rocker – I was really wild, with      safety pins in my face.”

Her latest movie roles include playing the smartly dressed P. L.      Travers in Saving Mr. Banks.She continued to prove that her sense of style has changed a great      deal over the years.

“During my time at university I was a militant, angry feminist with a bald head and dungarees. I looked hilariously funny!” she laughed.

Emma also used to have completely different career plans.

She fell into the glamorous, designer world of Hollywood by accident.

“I wanted to be a social worker and help children with      disabilities and elderly people,” she recalled.

“But at uni I discovered comedy – I had a lot of fun with      it.”

Emma opted for comfort over fashion at the Screen Actors Guild Awards      this year, swapping high heels for flat silver sandals.

She’s never been one to mind much about what people see her wearing.

“Pyjama bottoms with a jacket over them, and some slippers,”      she recently admitted when asked what the oddest outfit she has ever worn      to the shops is. “I have many vile qualities, but vanity is not one      of them.”

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