Emmy Rossum didn’t look her best in a designer dress

Emmy Rossum bust picture

Emmy Rossum again shows how the same person can look totally different with a different outfit. We got to see her with a beautiful casual dress that really favoured her. I find it interesting to contrast looks. This other picture shows Emmy Rossum with a different style, this is how the actress and song-writer attend the Delta Airlines Summer Celebration in Beverly Hills. Yes, Beverly Hills, it sounds like the kind of event where you want to look your best and Emmy (or her personal stylist chose this dress). I can imagine that this is an expensive dress, maybe a designer dress but I can’t understand why she made it her selection. Emmy glared so much with that casual outfit the other day and I don’t think we can see a radiant Emmy here.

Emmy Rossum wears an ideal dress for those who have extra kilos
Things that I didn’t like
Emmanuelle Grey Rossum (Emmy) is quite pretty and slim so it is not that she looks ugly or fat in this dress but I believe that her boobs looks as if the dress was flattening them.

The dress has got so many shapes and textures that although they are purposely created to produce a slimmer body shape, I don’t think that the NY born actress needs them. I have said before that Emmy tends to play it safe and go for the boring kind of outfits, this outfit is not boring but I just think that the style is poor. I can’t see the style, her hair looked better the other day when she was just walking in the streets.

About the accessories: I normally love all different kind of shoes but to be honest I actually disliked this pair of shoes.

Good things about the outfit: the star kept the accessories to the minimum, only a nice pair or earrings. The colour of her shoes (although is not my favourite) elongates her legs and makes the star display one of her main assets: her beautiful legs.

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