Emmy Rossum Styles becomes more daring

Emmy Rossum flaunts her curves in a colourful dress

Emmy Rossum was spotted buying flowers in LA wearing a daring outfit that does not reveal much.

Emmy Rossum flaunts her curves in a colourful dress

I normally find Emmy Rossum’s style very boring but this time I loved this picture. I loved to see that she is becoming more daring. Specially for her red carpet appearances, the actress normally plays it very safe. In this casual shot, actually a snapshot captured by a paparazzi where Emmy was spotted buying flowers in LA we can see that the beautiful star has become more daring in her casual outfits’ selection.

The things I loved: the colours of the dress and the style of the dress + how she put everything together, just have a look to those splendiferous shoes. I have a natural inclination to envy that type of shoes. I believe that her overall wardrobe selection was great. Her bright and long hair makes her shine too.

What did Emmy do best?

I believe that what Emmy do best was to highlight her curves and show off her assets. The American actress has splendid legs and a fascinating body shape that she rarely flaunts. The confidence that the 26 year old shows in the way how she walks makes overall a great shot of her. To top it up she is smiling and we can admire the beautiful colours of the flowers that she selected. Emmy Rossum wears a wrapping dress as a casual attire

One more thing: after observing the picture again I could observe that the pattern of the dress is comparable to our Australian Aboriginal pattern motives.

Can you see how this wrapping dress works out better to emphasize a small waist than the huge belt that Jennifer Aniston is wearing in my previous post?

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