Erdem tries to bring new ideas to fashion

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Erdem Moralioğlu finds trends “oppressive”.

The designer understands there are bound to be certain looks that are big each season, such as the current fixation on monochrome. However, he tries not to get tied to them as he feels it’s important to continue offering up new ideas.

“Less so than they used to be, I think,” he told British magazine InStyle, when asked how important such fads are. “It’s impossible to escape the idea that there are certain movements in a season – the same as there are with architecture and art – though I think the idea of simply following a trend does feel quite oppressive.”

Erdem completed a placement at Vivienne Westwood when he was starting out, which is one of his most treasured memories. There are certain designers he will always look up to and he still gets excited when he sees their work.

“At one point I was really fortunate to work in her archives, going through all these amazing corsets by Mr Pearl. Getting to look at, touch and turn these incredible collections inside out taught me the most important thing as a designer is to keep your eyes open,” he gushed.

“I’ve always loved Yves Saint Laurent – he is my absolute favourite. I also think Christopher Kane is just extraordinary.”

The designer also spoke about who he creates clothes for. He finds it hard to sum up the Erdem woman because she changes so much season to season. It’s easier for him to think about what kind of pieces are him in a nutshell.

“It would probably be a dress, though generally I think it’s anything that shows some aspect of a human hand, whether it’s a beautifully worked fabric or a hand-stitched piece of lace. Anything that makes it feel special,” he explained.

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