Eva Longoria: Before and After | Weight Loss & Cosmetic Procedures

Eva Longoria face when her weigh was heavier and her face was rounder

I cannot believe it but this is an old picture of Eva Longoria when her body was heavier and her face was rounder.

This other picture below proves that Missy Longoria has reshaped her nose. As we can see the image shows a young Eva with a wider nose.

Eva Longoria did have a nose job according to this picture

More evidence? This is another picture of Eva Longoria’s pretty face in her younger days.

Eva Longoria | Old Picture | Before Cosmetic Surgeries

Now, let’s check some before and after images of the Desperate Housewife.

Eva Longoria Before and After Cosmetic Surgeries?

The sexy and petite actress has changed her image in the last years. She has accepted that she hired a personal stylist that recommends her to wear pretty clothes at all times. We know she has also had dental treatments such as teeth whitening and I can of see that her face has been resahped a little bit. I don’t know if it is because she has lost weight but for me I kind of feel that her face look rounder in the past. Longoria loves to wear her fake eyelashes and she always wears her high heels. About a boob job, let me do my research and I will get back to you with this rumour.

At this stage I am not sure if Longoria has had a nose job or not, I kept on observing older and recent images and it is hard to say. Maybe it is because experts say that good plastic surgeons make jobs that are not noticeable. I also read another article that says that people tend to believe that celebrities are prettier and slimmer than what they actually are. Longoria is really pretty but I had in my mind that her nose was tinier. I think her nose shape suits Longoria’s face and am not sure if she has had a nose job or not. The picture below is a very recent image of the star in 2013.

Do you think Longoria has had a nose job or not?
Eva Longoria's Makeover includes pretty long hair and pretty smile?

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