Exercises that Celebrities do to Have those Amazing Bodies

We all want to have amazing bodies, true?

The tricky part starts when we want to get a magic pill or a special formula to get the amazing bodies of the stars.

Much is said of the bad impact that celebrities have in our body image. The theories say something like: Because I don’t have a body like those celebrities, I feel bad about my body. This can be true but this can happen with your friend who is skinnier than you, your colleagues at work or any other person that has the body shape that you wish for.

I have to say something about this. I have spent quite a few years now observing bodies of the stars and although it is true that a high percentage goes through cosmetic surgery they do have to work hard to achieve the body shapes that you see.

Those toned abs, arms and legs don’t come for free. So I have something to propose you. Why not trying to be inspired by their exercise routines and go out and do something to get the results.

Staying on the coach wishing to have that slim body won’t give us the shape we want. Exercise is also great, it gives us a lot of benefits for our soul and mind.

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated, we don’t need to join a class, we can do whatever is accessible for us in the comfort of our houses or we can just go to the park and get moving.

I found some pictures of the stars exercising. Many of them keep their routines secret but some of them go outdoors and they actually like to be seen while exercising. I thought about posting some images that graphically show the exercises that they do so we can get started.

Mel B has a personal trainer and she trains at Centenial Park, she is also training while going up the hill.

Try lunges up the hill they tone your butt and legs.

Helen Flannagan also has a personal trainer and she has been see doing boxing but I have seen her doing push ups too.

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