Extra Kilos for Lady Gaga? Is it just her tummy?

I do believe that Gaga loves that we all talk about her. For the young singer it doesn’t matter if we say good or bad things as long as we talk about her. Of course she knows what to do to create controversy and get us talking about her.

Now the hot topic about Gaga is her weight and she is enjoying it (I believe) that is why the singer didn’t hesitate to share her body in a tiny bikini in Rio.

Lady Gaga has said that she doesn’t really understand why we talk so much about her extra kilos when Adele is much bigger than her and nobody talks about the British singer extra kilos (although I know Adele’s extra kilos have been another matter for discussion when critics have bullied Adele for her excess weight).

Here is Miss Gaga’s body for our enjoyment.

Enlarge the image below to admire Gaga’s tattoos and decide if the singer has got or not excess fat in her tummy area.

More pictures

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