Eyebrow Care Low-down

Pros ansd Cons Eyebrows Care

There are lots of different ways to keep your eyebrows looking neat and tidy, but are you choosing the right method for you? Take a look at these pros and cons.


Pros: Waxing your brows means even those teeny tiny hairs which are too difficult to get a hold of are swept away. The skin above your eyes will be left smooth and clear after this treatment and if you don’t want to attend to any strays at home you can go for over a week without any maintenance. Another positive is that it’s over and done with in seconds.

Cons: If you have sensitive skin this may not be the best option for you. The hot chemicals used could have a reaction with your brows, leaving a rash or irritable spots. Another negative is that it hurts! Yes it’s quick, but that doesn’t ease the pain. Make sure your practitioner doesn’t double dip into the wax and that they test the temperature on themselves before spreading onto your eyebrows.


Pros: Firstly, there’s no hot liquid being patted over your eyelids! Threading is also usually cheaper than waxing and gives just as good results as the above. Because this technique simply uses a piece of string there isn’t the risk of lifting or tearing the skin and overall the redness tends to be less obvious than with waxing. You can even teach yourself how to do it with patience.

Cons: If you can’t do it yourself, it may not be the easiest service to find. It isn’t the most common procedure in salons so unless you’ve been recommended, you may have to go out of your way a bit. While the reactions may be less than waxing that doesn’t mean to say threading is painless. There’s still a sting and your skin won’t be perfect and flawless afterwards.


Pros: Tweezers are a make-up bag must-have. With the freedom to pluck whichever hair you believe to be in the way, you have more control over the finished effect. You can also do it yourself, either at home or out and about – all you need is a mirror! And there will be no red rashes or blotches if you’re careful during the plucking.

Cons: It is a bit of a lengthy process and there is the risk of over-plucking, which will leave you having to pencil your eyebrows in more often than not. This method also doesn’t last as long as the two above and you may find those pesky little hairs have grown back a couple of days later.

Hopefully now you’ll have some idea of which technique to approach if you haven’t tried all of the above.

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