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With the festive party season kicking off, there has never been a better time to master the art of false lash application.

Fluttering lashes are the perfect way to ramp up the glamour this Christmas and with so many fabulously artful lashes on the market, the choice is seemingly limitless.

We caught up with false lash experts Amy Alexandra and Jenny Sapiano, owners of Lash Boutique, to discover their hot tips for pretty festive peepers.

“When applying your chosen lash the most important factor is to measure the lash spine against your natural lash line,” advises Amy.

“Many people will need to cut off a small amount of excess from the outer edge as false lashes tend to be quite wide.

“Applying a lash that is too long for your eyelid will drag the look of your eye down.

“Once you’re happy with the fit apply a very small line of glue to the false lash and place to the centre of your natural lash line first, then with a cotton bud press the lash into place working outwards toward to edge,” she adds.

Jenny insists that the most important factor here is to choose a lash style that mirrors your natural lashes.

“Don’t be put off by how big a false lash might look in the packaging, they tend to look far softer once they’re on.

“But if you’re a falsie virgin then keep it subtle until you’ve felt the full effect of your newly enhanced feline femininity,” she advises.

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